WomenHack Chicago saw the appearance of a special non-profit partner last week

WomenHack Chicago; September 2017


Five months after the inaugural WomenHack Chicago, the WomenHack team returned to the Windy City last night following positive response and feedback from companies and the community.

Based in San Francisco, WomenHack Events first started out with the belief that diversity strengthens teams and a core mission of presenting more economic opportunities to women in tech roles through community and events.

Traveling to various major cities with a booming or growing tech scene, WomenHack Events aim to help diverse companies and talented women talents in tech roles meet each other in a casual setting. Attendees of the event can generally expect to be introduced to the hiring landscape in their region, to learn more about different workplaces, and meet not just the companies, but also their fellow peers in the industry.

 Uptake hosts WomenHack Chicago; September 2017


The second WomenHack Chicago event was hosted by Uptake and saw the appearance of the Obama Foundation. Touting itself as a working, living center for citizenship, the Obama Foundation has a core goal of nurturing “the next generation of active citizens and leaders”.

The Obama Foundation just announced aggressive commitments to subcontracting and hiring among diverse suppliers, including minority and women owned businesses and businesses owned by veterans, individuals with disabilities, and LGBTQ individuals for its construction services.

To ensure that the work of the Foundation is informed by a diverse set of viewpoints and is in line with its values of diversity and inclusion, the Obama Foundation announced the formation of an Inclusion Council in October 2016.

Obama Foundation at WomenHack Chicago; September 2017.


At WomenHack, we know that trying to do good, serving the public, and bringing more diversity to the workplace is never an easy feat. As such, we are always looking to partner with non-profit organizations that have similar values as ours — to help advance in their mission in any way we can.

If you’re a non-profit or NGO who understands the value of diversity and would like to see an increase of gender diversity and inclusion at your organization, please feel free to reach out to us on the possibilities of collaboration. As President Obama once said, “We cannot solve the challenges of our time unless we solve them together.”

About WomenHack:

WomenHack is a community that empowers women in tech through events, jobs, and a diverse workplace for all. WomenHack Events are designed to bring about an opportunity to accelerate the hiring process in respective local job markets, and to provide greater exposure to economic and professional opportunities for women in technology.

Find out if WomenHack Events is coming to an office near you, here.

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